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Stuck at 86%

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arkander Samedi 2 Mai 2015 à 5:08

Hi!! Well, I just to played LOL a few months ago in another computer, but right now... When I start the launcher the downloads stuck at 86% and the Bit Rate drops to 0 Kb/s. Recently installed this computer with Fedora 20, its the same OS which I use in my other rig.

Phemon X6


1Gb Radeon

430 Gb Storage


I was looking on Google but all the threads are for Windows, in those cases the blame they Firewall. Someone has an idea to resolve my problem?


Thank you!!

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petch Dimanche 3 Mai 2015 à 9:57

Looking at the patcher logs, it's actually working...

Just without any visual clue, for several hours...

PS "Download Issue" is not very descriptive, and you're in the wrong forum for a program installed with an official script. I almost lost track of this thread

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