Spellweaver performs sluggish?

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|Arch| Samedi 13 Juin 2015 à 16:44


So I'm trying to new TCG game Spellweaver (open beta starts on monday 15th of june). I installed the game directly through POL without any adjustments The game is based on Adobe Air, and performs sluggish on my system. It's playable, but I prefer to use a windows laptop where everything is running smooth. I'd really like to have it work on main comp, though.

I tried searching for problems related to Adobe Air, but couldn't find any specifics (no idea if AA is the problem though). I did notice that LoL is based on it, and have tried both a LoL config as well as a typical Steam config, but neither of those helped.

Interestingly, the sluggishness is similar if I run VirtualBox of Windows 7 and 10. Not really sure if its on my end or if it's like this for others too. Community ingame is rather small atm. Any ideas what I might try?

I'm using POL 4.2.8 and Wine 1.7.45.
Linux Mint 17.1
Nvidia GTX 970 using 346.72 driver (latest, i've been using .42 as well).