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new installation doesn't work

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thanasis57 Mercredi 29 Juillet 2015 à 13:27

Hi there,


I just bought a new laptop and I am migrating everything over there. The new setup is practically identical to the old one (Ubuntu 12.04.5 64bit, Gnome classic, PlayOnLinux 4.2.8, same user name, same password, same computer name). The only thing that changes is the hardware, from a Toshiba Satellite L505-141 (1366x768) to a Lenovo Z50-70 (1920x1080).


What I did with all my other programs and user data, was to back up the /home/user directory with Back In Time, and then restore the /home/user/.directories and /home/user/.files containing the settings. Worked like a charm, as is usually the case for Unix-type OSs.


However, the PlayOnLinux transisition was problematic:

1. First I tried the backup-restore approach with the .Playonlinux directory. All my wineprefixes showed up as expected, but when I tried to run them, almost all (with the notable exception of MS Office 2007) refused to run. MS Office 2010 constantly required to "set up some additional files" or something and then crashed.


2. Then I used POL Vault to restore the same backed up prefixes (after making sure that the respective wine versions were properly installed). The icons appeared as expected and then only MS Office 2007 ran.


It's very frustrating: on my desk I have my old laptop with all prefixes working, and in front of me its revved up "replica" which refuses to run the exact same POL bottles. Am I missing something terribly fundamental here?


I have extensively researched this, but nothing relevant appears.


Thanks in advance

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thanasis57 Mercredi 29 Juillet 2015 à 14:38

Spoke too soon?


There was ONE difference between the two machines: the kernel version: the old one with and the new one with I happened to do the transition the precise day the new kernel came out!!!


Apparently this bug is the issue.


With my thanks to PaddyLandau I am marking this as solved.

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