Install multiple Blizzard games under one

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achobanov Lundi 24 Aoüt 2015 à 20:33


I want to install Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm and Diablo III on my Mint 17.2. I was using Wine with diferent configs for Hearthstone and HotS, but I didn't manage to install Diablo III. So I removed all of wine and installed PlayOnLinux. Now I can see that PoL allows multiple instances of virtual machines to run diferent profiles ( wine configuration ) but this way, if I get it right - I will need 3 diferent profiles with 3 diferent applications, because each has its own virtual machine. What I want to achieve is to install single and launch all games from there. I know it to be possible, because I saw it on a video. The guy was using PoL. 

On a slightly separate topic - I want to install my games in my home/games. I think this causes some sort of problem, because currently i can not add shortcut from PoL ( Configuration > General > Make a new shortcut ). I would like to have my Games be under home/Games, but that's not that big of a deal



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