Diablo3 - Stuck locating game...

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cg99 Mardi 25 Aoüt 2015 à 1:24

Hey guys, Im running POL 4.2.2 On linuxMint 17.2.

I installed Diablo3, and although it lets me launch and play PTR, somehow diablo3 is stuck at "Locating..."

I went to the game settings and tried to manually locate the game directory.  Both ptr and RoS are in c:\ProgramFiles\ but I can click play on ptr and not for ROS.

Any Ideas how to get the game recognized under its directory?


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Cathrax Mardi 25 Aoüt 2015 à 23:58

i fixed this by makeing a new Shortcut to


you do this in PlayonLinux configuration -> General -> Make a new shortcut from this virtual drive

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