Is there any way to edit one of the official listed installation scripts?

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Kurolox Samedi 5 September 2015 à 12:24

Well, I'm trying to install planetside 2, but seems like it's trying to download the installer from the wrong site ( instead of So I wondered if is there any way to edit the installation script to change this, or how can I be able to manually download it and be recognized by the installer.

petch Samedi 5 September 2015 à 17:36

Hi, go to the script page, from there you can access the script source code, and run it (or a modified version) locally using Tools > Run local script, or playonlinux-bash CLI command.

On this page you can also click on Contribute button, then "I want to submit an improvement" to open the script editor and submit a modified script.

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