Half-life: ro keyboard response in game

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eliaballade Mardi 15 Avril 2008 à 12:15

I have a really strange problem with Half-life: it's impossible to use the keyboard in the game.
The mouse works like a charm, but the really strange fact is that if I try to change the command buttons (for example the button to walk) the game accept the new button!!!
So the problem is only in the "real" game part!
I'm currently running a 0.9.59 wine version.
Thanks in advance for the help!!!

P.S.: I've also tried to toggle the "Allow window manager to control the application" option in wine config, but still no result!

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Quentin PÂRIS Vendredi 16 Mai 2008 à 23:51
Quentin PÂRIS

I've the same problem

Try with 0.9.33
widget Dimanche 11 September 2011 à 21:06

just switch off the compiz or any other composite manager