[Issue] Can't run Dragon Nest SEA

DownTest.tmp / Crash

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Ponks Dimanche 24 Janvier 2016 à 20:40

Hello, I'm still a rookie on linux, it's literally my first day and I'm trying to install some of the games I usually play on windows.

I could add Hearthstone without a problem with the PlayOnLinux installer thingy, but dragon nest wasn't on their list. I tried to download the installer and install manually, which seemed to work without any problems, but as soon as I try to open the patcher, one of two things happen:

  1. The patcher starts downloading the updates, until it gets to a certain file: DownTest.tmp and it immediately freezes.
  2. The patcher just freezes without downloading anything, and the application crashes with a message saying that POL_wine crashed.

I looked around quite a bit and it seems that the only problems people have had with this game on linux is with the game's protection, which I found a workaround for already, but I can't even get to that place.

Also, all that I found about the DownTest.tmp was that some people had something on their firewalls blocking it, a very specific firewall in fact, but I didn't even install any firewall/antivirus yet, so I'm really not sure what could be the case...


More info according to the sticky:

- Name of the distribution: Xubuntu 15.10

- Full computer specs:

- Name of the software and its version: PlayOnLinux 4.2.6

- Your desktop: Xfce 4.12


I hope I can get some help, if there's any more information you need from me, I'm more than happy to oblige. Thanks for reading in advance.

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