Updating existing installations of Flash & Firefox?

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inthane Lundi 1 Février 2016 à 18:24


I'm currently using Ubuntu 15.10 & PoL on an Intel NUC i5 to run Firefox & Flash so my family can watch XFinity TVGO & Hulu stuff. Understandably, new versions of Flash come out constantly, and while I can disable the new version check that Firefox runs, I can't force older versions to work with TVGO and Hulu. My workaround has been to uninstall Firefox via PoL and reinstall, but I'd like to upgrade in place Firefox and PoL so I don't have to reconfigure the browser from scratch (the profile directory is deleted when I uninstall and reinstall) every time a new version of Flash or Firefox comes out.

I've googled around for a solution and read the documentation, but I'm not finding anything. I admit a strong possibility I overlooked something, however. Is there an "official" way to do this?

Thank you.

petch Mardi 2 Février 2016 à 20:06


Firefox seems to auto update just fine in my tests, you can check in its "About" dialog box that it does.

I didn't manage to get Flash player to auto update though, but reinstalling the component from PlayOnLinux seems to work (Configure button > (slect virtual drive) > Install components tab > Flash player > Install button). Of course the install script has to be up-to-date first, if it's not either contribute an update or ask if someone can update it...


booman Mercredi 17 Février 2016 à 0:59

This may not apply, but I gave up on Firefox in PlayOnLinux because newer versions of Firefox have stopped working.  They would load super slow and was completely unusable.

I've started using the native Chrome for Netflix and Pipelight for Unity games and Flash Games.
Native Chrome will play flash games like on facebook but some games are very slow...

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andrejones Mardi 31 Janvier 2017 à 19:14

Firefox has been crashing more frequently for me. I don't like Chrome because it steals too much memory from the computer, but that's the only option left.

mendonsajr Vendredi 16 Novembre 2018 à 1:14

I've made some tests with Firefox and it also seems to auto update just fine. 

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