Heroes of the Storm 64bit

Need help installing 64 bit version

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Xenarc Mercredi 3 Février 2016 à 20:48

The latest patch to HotS breaks it for linux with a hard crash on game load in. Some people using wine have reported that the 64 bit version doesn't crash so I want to test that.

I have added 64 bit wine to my POL version options, deleted my existing HotS virtual drive via the PoL interface, and tried several times to reinstall in the game.

The PoL interface never gives me an option to pick 32 or 64 bit and when it installs the settings option to always use 32 bit for the game is pre-sellected and grayed out (cannot be changed).

I'm sure there is something simple I am missing for how to do this, but am still new to PoL and trying to figure things out.

Thanks for any ideas and for helping me learn!

baytor Samedi 6 Février 2016 à 11:21

You have to manually create a wineprefix 64bit and run the installer that you download from homepage

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