A little help installing wineasio?

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jackelliott Vendredi 5 Février 2016 à 1:41

This with Linux Mint 17.3, POL 4.2.2, dinky little Atom-powered netbook

There appears to be an installer for wineasio (

But I could use a bit of help installing wineasio. I did try to install Guitar Rig 5, having read that when that installs in POL, wineasio can be installed at the same time, but the POL installer for Guitar Rig 5 failed, saying that Guitar Rig 5 needs Windows 7 or later. I could not see a way to tell POL to mimic Win7 so . . . I've run out of ideas.

jackelliott Vendredi 5 Février 2016 à 5:56

Update: I was able to add wineasio as a component into Reaper 4 (it offers to update to Reaper 5 -- will that break PlayOnLinux? I have a license for Reaper). But anyway, I'd really like to get Foobar2000 to use wineasio so I can use a USB sound card. When I tried to add wineasio to Foobar2000, I got an error from POL: 

Error in POL_Wine
Wine seems to have crashed

If your program is running, just ignore this message

Followed by:

Error in source
Failed to register wineasio.dll. Please verify you have the needed dependencies and try again.