Installing Quickverse10 using Playonlinux

With Correct Version of Wine

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Teitler.Robert.320 Samedi 13 Février 2016 à 2:39

Playonlinux Forum Members,

I am new to Ubuntu 14.04 and PlayonLinux.  I have used Quickverse10 for years on Windows Operating Systems.  I could not use certain accessories on one of my laptops once Windows 10 was installed.  A leader of my Computer Club recommended Ubuntu.  He also told me about PlayonLinux.  After installing Ubuntu, I tried installing Quickverse10.  The program is on my laptop, but it cannot access the internet.  It needs to do so for full operation.  

I read what literature I could about PlayonLinux from this website and checked for software that PlayonLinux has installed.  I could not find Quickverse.  I contacted Quickverse Technical Support.  They told me that the program has worked with a version of Wine.  Does anyone know which Wine I should use for Quickverse10?

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