Add exe-files from outsite the wineprefix

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thecherry Lundi 22 Février 2016 à 16:41


I know that this topic was disussed 10 times. But every answer is just "this can be side effects and should not be configure like this"

But anyway, I have a ton of games got working by my normal wine version (1.7x) normally I manage my wineprefix manual with environments + bash files.

But now I am at the point that I need for a game a complete different wine version. With POL work that really nice, I can just add a new wineprefix with a wine binary. The Problem is now, that I have my games all installed and I just want add them to POL.

Then I now configure a new setup with a prefix directory and wine version, the game just work fine over the point "start a exe file in virtual drive" (idk the exact English description, have a German GUI). There I can just start my exe from anywhere, the game runs, everything is fine.
But I cant add the game as Link to that prefix. Absolute path, path over the "Z:\" drive and an default linux symlink don’t work here.

Is there any workaround for this? I just want to manage the wineversions/perfix with POL, I don't need any "installscripts", I prefer to manage this by myself.



OK, I see:

local binary_path="$(POL_System_find_file "$BINARY")"

Thats function will find a exe only in the prefix, have to change this ....

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thecherry Mardi 23 Février 2016 à 0:00

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