Has anyone got HiAlgo BOOST working through Wine? Linux or Mac

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I posted this exact thing over on the HiAlgo forums as well, but I imagine these forums might be a bit better of a place for this question.

I am trying to play Final Fantasy XIV on my 2010 Macbook pro.

Quick Disclaimer: (You can skip this part)
1. I cannot use bootcamp as I do not have an optical drive, and the 2010 macbook REQUIRES an internal optical drive to use bootcamp. (replaced the optical drive with a 2nd SSD)
2. I do not want to use bootcamp.
3. I have a high end gaming PC at home.

Sorry just had to get that out of the way since every time anyone posts about this kind of stuff on other forums the first response is always, use bootcamp, upgrade your computer, why don't you just use windows, etc.

So, heres my situation. I am desperately trying to play Final Fantasy XIV on my MacBook Pro. I have got it running fairly well through wine. But for me I only get about 8-12fps, this is mostly due to my GPU only being a nVidia GT 330m. The reason I say its running pretty well is because back when i did have boot camp running on the computer, the performance was not that much better. I also have a copy that I can run through Parallels for major updates, and testing things.

Using Wine_Staging 1.7.45, with a couple of tweaks outlined here will get the game up and running for most people just fine.

This is where HiAlgo BOOST comes in. I have tested boost with this game already using Parallels and boost seems to work just fine with this game. But whenever I try to get boot to load in Wine I just get a black screen.

Here is what I have done so far:

1. Installing boost like you normally would, and clicking "yes" on the pop up window.
2. Copying the contents of the boost folder to the game directory.
3. copying the contents of the boost folder to the System32 directory. (dont worry FFXIV has its own wine prefix, and of course I backed it up first)
4. adding DLL overrides in Wine for all the DLL files located in the boost folder.

I am not sure what else to try, all the other d3d9.dll mods I have tried work just fine...well they load anyway. Below is a list of all other mods I have tried, and what the result was;

SweetFX: Worked just fine, but killed my FPS for obvious reasons.

DSFix: Loaded and did what it was supposed to do. But interacted with the graphics in a weird way causing all shaders to be disabled which made the game look like it was missing geometry, and was mostly black and white.

SwiftShader: Did exactly what its supposed to do, but as expected made my FPS drop even lower.

Helix's DX9 Wrapper: Did exactly what it was supposed to, but didn't affect FPS at all.

ReShade: Works fine, kills FPS as expected.

I posted the links to all the mods I tried so you guys and can get an idea what most of these things do. I wasn't able to post the link for swiftshader because TransGamings page for it is down, and all other links are a little sketchy.

Sorry for typing a book here, but I like to give as much detail, and outline what I have already done when I go to ask for help.

I know Im not the only person trying to use Boost in Wine so hopefully someone can shed some light on the subject.

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