New Installation of EA Origin.

Problem with EA Origin "Online login is currently Unavailable".

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Sethan Vendredi 25 Mars 2016 à 19:23


I keep getting "Online login is currently Unavailable" from my new installation.

According to winehq, which I pasted below, I happen to not understand step 2.

Symptom: The login prompt shows an error message "Online login is currently unavailable."

Origin uses the "GTE CyberTrust Global Root" (1024-bit) certificate. This certificate was removed by Mozilla and many Linux distributions because it is insecure. The only real solution for this is EA to use a new and secure certificate (the current insecure one will expire in 2018).

This issue is tracked in bug #35828, but can't be solved in Wine.


  1. Download the certificate from the bug report.

    wget -O gte_global.reg
  2. Install it in your wineprefix. (Only there, but not systemwide on your Linux/Mac system.)

    wine regedit gte_global.reg

Now restart Origin and you should be able to login.


What should my wineprefix be if my virtualdrive is "EAOrigin"? I also don't think the command below considers any wineprefix.

wine regedit gte_global.reg

Thank you.