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seer197 Mercredi 30 Mars 2016 à 1:18

Hi everyone, I just discovered PoM and dont understand exactly where the games I download install. Example, I just installed Steam, through Steam I downloaded Eastside Hockey Manager 2015, but now I'd like to copy it to a USB key to give it to my friend, but is the Steam and EHM installed into the PoM app, or does it have a directory in my HD? Thanks for the help



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Quentin PÂRIS Vendredi 1 Avril 2016 à 14:50
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous


First, we do not support piracy so you won't find any information here about how to copy copyrighted programs.

Second, sorry but what you are asking is just impossible with Wine. Programs need to be installed on a Unix filesystem (like HFS+ on MacOS or ext4 on Linux) to work properly.