CNC3 not working: blank screen with only cursor then crash

Command&Conquer Tiberium Wars doesn’t go beyond splash screen/show main menu

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galex-713 Vendredi 15 Avril 2016 à 11:32

Hi, I’m trying to install CNC3 and used the install procedure on PlayOnLinux, using wine 1.5.16, through DVD. But when I launch the game I get the splashscreen, the resolution that downgrades (I know that, that’s normal and due to the default configuration of the game), the green-game-specific-arrow cursor, and sometimes a black screen, but nothing else.

The first time I also noticed at the center of the screen the cursor was changing to the “input text here” one, as it is supposed to do at the first start of the game to ask the name of the first profile. So I typed “test”, enter, and never saw it again.

So I remember long ago to had this problem under Windows Vista long time ago, but I forgot what workarround I found at the time… and testing the game on other computers with Windows it seems it shouldn’t happen… So how can I try/begin to debug that problem? Had someone already encountered this problem (I already searched to solve this problem some time ago and recall to have searched that but found nothing useful)

PS: attaching processes like CNC3.exe or cnc3game.dat to strace make them exit mysteriously, while normally I have to wait a while before they exit.

PPS: for a machine with no DVD lector, is it acceptable to use a no-CD crack if making a pseudo-DVD-device with winecfg and linking it to a directory containing the same content as the DVD doesn’t work (while having a valid key and bought the material game)? I mean can a such situation also be legitimate to ask help here according ToS (I heard when you bought the game it is legal to do so)?

galex-713 Vendredi 15 Avril 2016 à 11:36

Oops, just noticed maybe that’s not the appropriate section of the forum for a such question (or maybe for asking how to give proper debug infos for a such problem?) :/ How can I delete/close it?

booman Mercredi 20 Avril 2016 à 1:49

I was able to run C&C Red Alert 3 Uprising in PlayOnLinux, but its been a while since I've tested it.

I used these packages:

  • POL_Install_corefonts
  • POL_Install_d3dx9
  • POL_Install_registeredfonts
  • POL_Install_tahoma
  • POL_Install_vcrun2005
  • POL_Install_msxml3

You may want to try using Wine 1.8 or Wine 1.8-staging

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