Problem with Opera Browser in PlayOnLinux

It's doesn't wok Opera no PlayonLinux Ubuntu 16.04

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dedeboy Lundi 4 Juillet 2016 à 2:19

Hello friends, 

I'm entering the first time in forum PlayonLinux and I'd like a help about problem the Browser Opera on PlayonLinux in Ubuntu 16.04

I installed Ubunt 16.04 in my Notbook Asus Core I5 and I installed Play on linux there. But when I gonna install show it a message:

Error in POL_Shortcut
Binary not found: Program Files/Opera//opera.exe
Have you installed the program to the default location?

After I installed Microsoft Internet explorer 8, but happening the same thing or sometimes doesn't work


Someome can help me ?



booman Jeudi 21 Juillet 2016 à 17:54

Is there a specific reason you want to use Opera in PlayOnLinux?

There is a Linux version of Opera:

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