How to make POL download to a 64bit drive

It automatically downloads to a 32bit drive

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colin07 Mercredi 6 Juillet 2016 à 21:39

I am attempting to install a game to a 64bit directory, i have created a working one, but when i download the game it completely skips the process that allows me to select what drive it install to, by default it creates a 32bit drive during the installation and then intalls it there, all i want is to tell it to install the game in a 64bit drive, i also know that it supports 64bit, the game being, my OS is Debian Jessie(8) and it is 64bit.

colin07 Samedi 9 Juillet 2016 à 21:43

I have now figured it out, this is how i did it, when i downloaded the game, hearthtone(by downloading hearthstone it comes with, it created its own 32bit drive before installing the game so once the drive was created and the installation options(in this instance it was language preferance) i clicked off of the installation menu and onto POL(PlayOnLinux) and entered the configure menu, in this menu there is a panel of all the virtual drives for POL, i then deleted the existing hearthstone drive(you would delete what ever virtual drive you want to change to 64bit or vise versa, BUT REMEMBER IT'S NAME EXACTLY!). i then went out of the configure menu and back onto the main POL menu where i clicked the install button, once the install menu was open i clicked install a non-listed program, this can be found in the bottom left-hand corner once i pressed this it comes up with the option to install a program in a new virtual drive, upon selecting this you will be given the option of naming the drive, MAKE SURE IT IS EXACTLY WHAT THE ORIGINAL VIRTUAL DRIVE THAT YOU WANTED TO CHANGE WAS CALLED, once you have named the drive and pressed next you will be given three boxes to check, the only box you want to check is the one with "Configure Wine" written next to it, when you tick this box and press next you will to select which you want out of the two, 32 or 64 bit, you will know that you have selected the option by it being highlighted, once you have selected it and pressed next the drive will then be created and you want to close that window. When all of that is done you can continue with the installation process and you should be left with a 64bit or 32bit(which ever you wanted) game or program! :)

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