League of legends help ! Completely newbie !

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gabytzu339 Vendredi 29 Juillet 2016 à 1:09

I watched plenty of tutorials but all they pretty much explain is how to install playonlinux and afre that, they tell you to follow the league of legends installer instruction's. I did so then when i want to run it, i get a bug splat just after the league of legends splash art prior to launcher. 

Tried Ubuntu and linux mint, latest versions. 

Now, i read in some tutorial that you'd have to get some directx libraries for playonlinux or wine or whatever. I couldn't work out how to do it. In tutorial it is only listed " Install 'whatever' dx9 or idk what' " but not how to do it. I put a lot of time in trying to play league of legends on linux.

I hope someone there can link me a step-by-step tutorial including everything you need to do in order to get it work.

Right now, i'm using windows 10 and mint is installed alongside it. I love mind, i need more time to get used to this compatibilty thing and how to work things out by myself then i'll maybe dump windows and stick to linux :).

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thecherry Vendredi 29 Juillet 2016 à 14:53

Much poeple have that problem at the moment, see here:

I don't get it running too, with a normal wine version, without playonlinux, its run the launcher. I hope too that there comes a fix soon.

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xYxD Vendredi 12 Aoüt 2016 à 2:54

Same problem here


linux mint 18 sarah


i think i'm moving to windows 10 T_T

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Goops Dimanche 14 Aoüt 2016 à 23:14

Me too. Im on Ubuntu 16.04 and when i try to press "run" on LoL it says there is another instance running, so i terminate it and then i get a bugsplat error. Pls help???


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