Can't open League of Legends Launcher

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thegohan1905 Jeudi 1 September 2016 à 0:02

Hey, previously i have posted about being not possible to get to install League, but then after a little search i have done it.
But now, i have this problem when i open the client, the logo appears normally in the center of the scream, loads  a little, then it disappears and infinite bug splat errors starts to appear, until i close them all from the System Monitor or Task Manager.

My specs are : Intel core i3, 8gb RAM, intel hd graphics family on-board graphical device, Linux Mint "Sarah" 18 Cinnamon

Also, I had the game installed on the previous version of Mint, 17.3 excpet that one was on Mate desktop.
Anyway, thanks for the help :)

Papy_bretzel Jeudi 1 September 2016 à 13:35

Give an eye on this Post, got the same issue and I figured it out. for now ...