Status of MS Office 2013

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senrabdet Jeudi 1 September 2016 à 23:19

Hi All:

I'm looking to run MS Office 2013 or ideally 2016 on PlayonLinux....after some checking on this forum and googling around, my take "no go" but I'm hoping to get a status update and if there is a solution ideally would love to know it.  I have several vesions of the 2013 installer for MS Office ("home and business 2013" and "home").  Both get up to a point of installing and then either crash or hang.  PlayonLinux seems to suggest that 2013 will install but then not work, and a lot of the posts seem to suggest that people have tried including various work arounds and tweaks to tthe wine setup etc. but not gotten it to work or work without a lot of problems.  With everything moving up to the cloud, has the community lost interest in getting office apps to work (looks like a lot of recent posts are about game apps)?  Again, trying just to get a sense whether this is worth digging in on or not.  Thanks!