Games and Fglrx

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Jordi4321 Vendredi 9 September 2016 à 19:54

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I have another question related to Playonlinux, I don't understand what is happening.

I'm playing trackmania2 stadium on Playonlinux with opensource drivers correctly, but with poor performance.

When I install fglrx, the system works perfect, and Steam starts, and the game starts. When I press the connect button (on the first screen), well, this is the first action to make when enter the game, simply the game is freezed. Debbuger not shows any error. With Fifa 12 is the same, Origin works and the game starts, when I try to select language (on first screen too), the game is freezed too.

What is the problem??

Thank you!!

I'm on Mint 17.3.

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