Skype External Exception CFB7F

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LordBadon Mardi 11 Octobre 2016 à 3:45

Okay, so I'm using the Windows version of Skype through PlayOnLinux and I have a problem (it took a while but I finally got it working). Every so often, an error message pops up that says


"External exception C0FB007F"

Now this is annoying because I can't do anything on Skype until I make this message go away. Most of the time I can just click "OK" and it still works perfectly fine, but occasionally when this message will cause Skype to crash (and then a message pops up saying "POL_Wine crashed").

Is there any way I can fix this error? This is the only problem I have with Skype, aside from another question that I've asked in a different topic but nobody seems to be able to (or willing to, dunno which it is) answer.

LordBadon Lundi 24 Octobre 2016 à 22:29

Seriously? This is the second topic I've posted here that's gotten exactly zero responses.