League of Legends in POL low fps problems

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Freezee Samedi 15 Octobre 2016 à 16:11

Hey there,


I am playing League of Legends through Play on Linux. My FPS are relatively low, when everything is calm around 50 FPS, but in teamfights it drops to 10-20 FPS. My hardware should be able to easily handle more. Here is some information you might need:


CPU: Intel core i5 3570k

Graphics Card and drivers: Nvidia Geforce GTX 660 with up to date proprietary drivers

Motherboard: Asrock Z77 Pro3 


OS: Arch Linux


Ingame settings: Shadows off, rest is on high (but changing it to low doesn't change anything, the only thing that has an impact on my FPS are shadows). In POL I set GLSL Support to disabled.

Everything on my PC is up to date (so POL Version 4.2.10). I remember back when I played LoL on Windows I was getting more than 300 FPS, so getting in a stable 60FPS range, even in teamfights, should be possible. Is anyone able to help me? Thank you.

mgheiler Jeudi 20 Octobre 2016 à 20:44

I can confirm this is happening to me on Ubuntu with Gnome WM. This issue seemed to have started about 3 weeks ago. Before my performance was flawless. I'm also using one of the newer versions of Wine, and I've got a Nvidia Geforce GTX 980ti

Freezee Vendredi 21 Octobre 2016 à 23:25

It suddenly completely stopped working for me unfortunately. Error is "lolpatcher.exe fatal error". I'm using 1.9.20 staging, with 1.9.2 LeagueOfLegends5 I get constant bugsplats 

mgheiler Dimanche 30 Octobre 2016 à 0:40

Mine is still working. I reinstalled it, but it is still very laggy.

Freezee Vendredi 4 Novembre 2016 à 15:14

Which version of wine are you using to play lol if I may ask?

mgheiler Samedi 5 Novembre 2016 à 6:28

I'm using version 1.9.22

liscz Samedi 5 Novembre 2016 à 12:43

I had same problem with FPS drop (gtx 970) from 144 fps to 40 and lower or got freeze for 15 seconds...

so I tried to reinstall and after reinstall I can't log-in (Login Error)... I tried 1.9.19-staging and 1.9.2-staging-LOL3 with and without CSMT


I tried more versions of wine but these 2 were best options..

BobbyPeru Dimanche 6 Novembre 2016 à 11:39

I have the same problem with the fps drops. I normally have around 20-30 fps which is ok for me but as ingame time progresses it drops to 1-5 fps! It starts getting super annoying!