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Jemand-anderes Jeudi 20 Octobre 2016 à 2:45


Is the some way to "import" games into playonlinx without really installing them?


I have a lot of installed windows games on my windows partition and it would be much easyer if i could just drag them into playonlinux instead of seaching for the cd, put it into the computer, wait and so on

booman Vendredi 21 Octobre 2016 à 1:44

It really depends on the game.  Some games require a registry entry in order to play correctly.
There are hacks for registry edits, but aren't easy to do.

Other games will play directly from their program folder.  Those would be easy in PlayOnLinux because you can:

  1. create a new virtual drive
  2. install the required packages
  3. copy the game folder to the drive_c/Program Files
  4. then create a shortcut.

Other games launch from a client like Steam, Uplay, Origin,, etc.  Those game require the client because it usually handles the DRM.  Without the client, copying/pasting the game won't allow it to run.

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