Oblivion Issue

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MAUL Mardi 1 Novembre 2016 à 21:07

I installed oblivion (steam) using playonlinux & was thrilled when it ran. I do have a problem though. My character is just a solid black form with hair. 

Can anyone walk me through fixing this? I'm fairly new to linux & brand new to playonlinux.


MAUL Mercredi 2 Novembre 2016 à 4:25

I have it working now. I chose Steam version of Game of the year Deluxe Edition & used wine version 1.6.2.

Skin looks like it's supposed to & I was able to play it pretty smoothly. I do get an occasional tear in the screen but that is probably my GPU. It does that.

One more question I have about running steam games. Do you have to create a new virtual drive & install steam for every game through playonlinux? 


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