Zooming/Static desktop emulation size

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kfcsmitty Dimanche 18 Décembre 2016 à 5:12

Hi guys,

I installed my application and set it to emulate a 1024x768 desktop. That opens properly until I run the game (it has a launcher application that runs before, so I can verify it was at 1024x768), but then when I run the game, it runs at 640x480 resolution and so it changes the enviroment size.

Is there any way to prevent this from happening and instead have the application scale/zoom up to 1024x768? 

I'm running wine 1.9.24 and Linux mint 18 Sarah with NVIDIA 367.57 drivers.


What I'm looking for is similar to how virtualbox allows you to drag the window larger and have it stretch the lower resolution to appear in a larger window.



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