AOE II: Rise of Rajas DLC

Won't run at all

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flavorofdp Mercredi 21 Décembre 2016 à 20:26

Any ideas how to fix the problem? When I click "play" on steam, the game doesn't run anymore. It was perfectly running with the forgotten and african kingdoms dlc, but now the game doesn't even show the launch menu. Any help or tips would be awesome.

Hafgan Jeudi 29 Décembre 2016 à 10:56

Same thing happens to me now. I don't know if it's related to the new expansion Rise of Rajas, or a recent update to the game, but something has happened. I hope it will be fixed soon.

perkh Mardi 3 Janvier 2017 à 18:59

This does not seem to be related to Rise of Rajas, but rather the entire game.
I'm having the same issue with AoE2 HD Edition.

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