Office 2010: Objects offset when moved by mouse

Manjaro x64, KDE Plasma

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cathodoluminescence Jeudi 5 Janvier 2017 à 12:28

Hello everyone!

POL Office 2010 runs fine for me on my Manjaro x64 system beside one big problem, especially in Powerpoint (but also Word):

Whenever I try to move an object around (e.g. on a slide), the moment I hold the left mouse button and start to move it, the (half-transparent) object itself appears at another place on the slide, and I am only left with the mouse cursor at the original location to guess where the object I will move it. This visual offset seem to be constant. I am also getting the correct marker lines for placing the object in-line or at the same distance to another object, but those are also visually offset with the half-transparent object.

Anybody having an idea, how to solve this problem? It is quite the pain in the a** to work this way in Powerpoint.

My desktop is KDE Plasma, Window settings in POL/Wine: all but "Allow the window manager ot control the windows" are unchecked. Wine version 1.7.26

cathodoluminescence Jeudi 5 Janvier 2017 à 17:52

Found a solution: Rendering a virtual desktop seems to do the trick.