Age of empires 3

How to get this game to work on playonmac

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Wolfman_shazam Dimanche 15 Janvier 2017 à 9:13

Hey guys

So I've recently found this app through a thread on steam of how to play age of empires 2 on Mac. I purchased age of empires 3 on steam and was wondering I found someone has figured out a way to play it through playonmac as well. As when I search for the game on the app it does not appear.

Would love if anyone can help me out with this issue and get me playing this childhood game of mine

Thank you in advance


plata Lundi 16 Janvier 2017 à 19:07

Use the search in the Forums to find scripts which are not yet officially published:


Or for PoL5:

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plata Mercredi 10 Mai 2017 à 18:27

@mariyafox what are you talking about?