Many VLC Players in open with dialog

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Bloodiko Samedi 28 Janvier 2017 à 17:28

I got a small problem concerning Play On Linux:

I'm running a Xubuntu 16.04, but I had this problem also in version 14.04.

When I try to set a new preferred application (in the Open With dialog from Xubuntu, not the extension association in POL) especially sound files, I haven't set before, I can see many (like around 100) VLC Media Players listed, but I have just 1 installed regularly (as .deb) and 1 installed in a Virtual drive in POL.

Is there any possibility to remove the POL VLC's from the open with dialog? Because it's heavily confusing if there are tons of vlcs, I don't know which one my .deb one is. and it's not useful to set every time the command "vlc" because if so, there are also many "vlc"s from the .deb :D

Thanks for any Help

(I dont think the wine version is necessary, but jic it's not: 
wine versions: All; actually in use: 2.06 RC (it might happen that the entries get duplicated when I switch the Wine Version)

Picture of the problem:


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Bloodiko Mardi 31 Janvier 2017 à 15:28

found a solution after i searched again: