Sims 4 - Mod Folder Location

I can't remember or find it

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cyanidearsenic Mardi 31 Janvier 2017 à 0:31


This is kind of a dumb question because I know I've installed sims 4 mods on my computer before but, I installed sims 4 through playonlinux for my sister and now she wants to add mods. Problem is that, as the title says more or less, I can't remember where she installs them. Is it a case of having to create a mod folder like you had to on, I think 2 (on Windows obviously since that won't run and it breaks my heart because it's my favourite sims)? If so where do you put it? Could someone who installed it the just general default way that comes up if you search for Origin on the applcation browser and install that show me what the folder you make it in looks like or tell me whats in it? Because if you make it I don't know how to recognize it, otherwise, I need the path if someone could tell me.