Secure installation & use of playonlinux (malware risk free)

Kindly help a bigginer in Linux about this appraoch please !

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Nokia808 Dimanche 12 Février 2017 à 19:52

Hello every members in this kind site.

I'm new user for Linux (about 7 months only as Fedora real "on hard" full installed OS) preceeded by 7 months self teaching on Internet about Debian & Linux Mint.

I'm on Fedora 24 x64 bit Cinnamon edition.

I need your kind help about this topic before I try it on my system. I'm satisfied with Linux in 98% & I need playonlinux to achieve the remaining 2% so as to completely stop from using Windows OS.

I need playonlinux for only 3 windows programs:

- PDF-XChange editor plus

- irfanview

- PDF restriction removal

I test all these on WineHQ on USB live OS (Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Fedora) & every thing are O.K

Problem started when I realized that WineHQ (& playonlinux) can run viruses & malware. So, I started to search about this problem & I reached to the following:

The best way to avoid this risk of use of WineHQ is:

1) create separated account with separated home directory,

2) disable this account from sudo power,

3) disable this account from su power

4) disable this account from use SSH remote root login

5) use playonlinux instead of WineHQ because POL make separated prefix for each windows application making by that case more secure

6) use antivirus

7) use portable version of WineHQ or POL


The problem with point 7. I failed to find portable version of WineHQ. But I read in a forum (not remeber it now) that POL has portable version: in your download page there is tar.gz

I thought this tar.gz is really a portable version, but later on I realized that it contain source code only ! I realize this due to it's small size. Thhis bring suspecion about my imaginary approach for use it.

My imaginary approach is as following:

- create new account with separated home directory:

sudo useradd -m -d /riskywork -s /bin/bash pol-user

- unlock this account by creating password to it:

sudo passwd pol-user

- disable this account from use sudo (it is already disabled by default in Fedora - so no need to action)

- disable this account from use su power by:

sudo vi /etc/pam.d/su    then uncomment following line (by remove # from it):

#auth required use_uid

- disable this account from SSH remote root access (no need to action because SSH disabled by default on Cinnamon edition of Fedora)

- log in to new account pol-user, then open firefox & download tar.gz version of POL & finally install this version as discribed in your site.

- install within new account "pol-user", after log in to it, the portable version of clamav-for-windows by POL so as to scan home directory of "pol-user" for viruses & malware


My questions are:

1) is this approach possible with such account that has neither sudo nor su accesss ? I noticed that to install tar.gz it need to run "./playonlinux" without sudo nor su. So, is it possible to install tar.gz on account without sudo nor su access ?

2) POL use group of dependencies like WineHQ which is the core element ....... So, where these dependencies will installed & stored if some one use tar.gz package of POL ? Does all these dependencies will downloaded & stored & installed within home directory of new user "pol-user" ? If yes, as I imagine, this mean we achieve by above approach lest invasive & lest risky installation & use of POL, isn't it ?