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closing POL without POL Apps

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Iraetyrr Samedi 11 Mars 2017 à 13:36

Hello all,
I have one problem, but i dont know is this a bug or my ignorance. I am using POL for a few years, but there is always one thing....

...when i start POL as POL (not apps installed by POL) i cant close POL window without all POL Apps. You know -> click on "X", then prompt/ask window -> "Are you sure you want to close all PlayOnLinux windows?" -> "No" -> POL window still exist. If you use "Yes" all apps will be killed.

Ofc. i can start app by shortcut, but if i start POL i cant close it...
Anyway - i dont know how to do it, or its just impossible ? Maybe there is some Tray icon option ? (also satysfing)

Thanks for you reply and help.

booman Mardi 14 Mars 2017 à 16:53

PlayOnLinux has always worked that way.  The only way to launch a game without opening PlayOnLInux is to make a shortcut on your desktop, then launch the game from the shortcut.

I prefer PlayOnLinux window running because sometimes a game locks up or crashes and I will need to kill Wine from the Configure window.  Actually it happens a lot, depending on the game of course.

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