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Conqray Jeudi 30 Mars 2017 à 9:41

What is ConqRay Why should I play?

ConqRay is up-to date always like TQ and we have support 24/7 in 4 country (Philippines - France - Brasil - Egypt) to help all players by many language no one from our support team can break the rules if there any problem with any one from our support report him from contact at our web site and we will check your report.
we have free lag no way to got high ping in our server because we hosted it in France ]Dedicated Server With Connection 10 GB per second 
we don't selling OP donate like another servers you can check our donate page Our Web site is protected From ddos attack and have SSL to be Sure any information you type in our web site encrypted 

Server Features: 

- Events every 20 minutes.(Random events)
- ElitePk/TeamPkTournament/SkillTeam like retail Conquer Online.
- Poker and HandPoker
- Attack ballanced for all classes.
- Perfection, Chi, JiangHu, InnerPower,Windwalker
- VIP Quest(You received VIP6Token, exchange it for 1 day VIP).
- All Beginning Quests(twin, ape, phoenix, desert, bird).
- Daily Quests and Equipment Quests(from TaskMaster of Promote map).


Our Web Site is :

Our FaceBook Page is  :

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RicaeurMone Jeudi 27 Avril 2017 à 8:49

I definitely got interested. Server Features are qite convincing. Where is it available for downloading?

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