Gangsters 2

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wlth Mercredi 7 Juin 2017 à 17:14

Gangsters 2 game...

Does anyone know how to get this game working 100%?

I've tried installing it but when I run the game the font is more bold than what it should be... The game is semi playable but hardly with the wording disapearing slightly.

I dont have a clue what components go with the game.

ImperatorS79 Jeudi 8 Juin 2017 à 16:14

It's hard to tell something about a game without having or knowing it. Have you tried fresh install with latest wine (2.9 or 2.9-staging) ? What's the log from the debugger ?

POL5 is here ! ->
wlth Mercredi 28 Juin 2017 à 11:44

Here is the log file, if someone could help me.. you are a star.

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