Rise Of Nations Bug?

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VixorDeland Samedi 1 Juillet 2017 à 6:29

First Off I'd Like to apologize if I am in fact not posting this topic in the right area.

Now onto business, I used Play On Mac to install a "windows" edtion of steam of which I have been fairly successful in installing and playing multiple windows game. I ran into a problem that I would hope someone could help me rectify. 

After installing the game Rise of Nations Extended Edition, and hitting the play button after it started up, a popup window appeared at the top it read BHG RTS run time FATAL, and under it read "Windows XP detected. THis operation system is not supported and is below minimum specification to run Rise of Nations: Extended Edtion.

If anyone has any idea how to fix or if it is not currently possible to do so, I would much appreciate it.