Skyrim: Legenday Edition - Graphic glitch

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eronis Samedi 7 Octobre 2017 à 11:14

For example, in ragged flagoon i get a weird glitch like that

It's like that in certain positions. When i turn my camera, glitch disappears. I don't move my character. Just turn my camera a little bit. And graphics turns back to normal.

My specs;

i3 2100


AMD HD 5670

Manjaro Linux 17.0.5 Xfce

I suspect it could be because of my graphics card but what do you think ?

For example this guy has an AMD card too and plays the game without the glitch. AMD still supports his card i guess. Any ideas ?

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eronis Samedi 7 Octobre 2017 à 11:38

To be more precise, it was supposed to give me stone texture but instead gives me water texture. Some textures are missing etc.

vi2nano Dimanche 8 Octobre 2017 à 15:35

It looks like a DX11 glitch to me. Be happy it's not the whole world and game is still easily playable with the bug there