PlayOnLinux Vault Plugin

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Parabolaralus Vendredi 3 Novembre 2017 à 1:45

Hello Everyone,

This is a great application and i love it dearly, but i recently discovered that playonlinux vault is no longer automatically installed and i have a few of my own files to restore on my recently wiped laptop...I stupidly did not backup the  .playonlinux folder but instead thought it would be better to just vault save it then restore.

The website congli something something who made the plugin does not have the download either so im kind of stuck.

Does anyone have a link to this i could use or perhaps even advice as to how one could transfer the plugin file from one computer to the next?

I also could not find a search button here in the forum...

yifitvaz Vendredi 3 Novembre 2017 à 9:35

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- yify


Parabolaralus Vendredi 3 Novembre 2017 à 17:25

Yea, i have no idea what youre talking about...Im trying to restore a playonlinux vault file from my laptop prior to wiping it when changing distros...