With every start of a POL app my Nextcloud app opens, too

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Hubertus Bigend Mercredi 27 Décembre 2017 à 18:52
Hubertus Bigend

Linux: Ubuntu Mate 16.04 LTS
POL: 4.2.12
Computer: Thinkpad X220T, i7-2620M, 16GB, Intel HD Graphics 3000
Symptom produces no error messages in logs



for some time now, whenever I start any Windows application that was installed through POL, regardless of wineprefix, or when I start POL itself, my Nextcloud sync application is opened magically, too.

If Nextcloud sync is not already loaded, it will start up, if it is, it simply opens.

This does not happen when I start a Windows app that was installed without POL, directly through Wine, like the Editor that comes with Wine.

Any ideas? I've already browsed through all kinds of files of which I thought they might be involved somehow, but so far to no avail.


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