So simple, but cute util

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juancarlospaco Samedi 24 Mai 2008 à 21:24

Hi from Argentina, sorry for my english...

Think to make a little suggestion, simple, but useful,
Add a information if a Game can be Downloaded from Internet,

In example, "Crayon Phisics " is downloaded and installed but you dont know until you try to install,
maybe a Description of the game " Can be downloaded from internet " or something simple,
actually i dont know if another game can be downloaded, i have to try one by one...

thanks a lot for this master piece of free software...
meloves Samedi 24 Mai 2008 à 21:32

I guess you can add this info into the script.

Look up the documentation.

I'm still learning how to script but here's some I know that would almost surely do the trick:

telecharger "http://www.somesite.dom/FULLGAME.exe"
wine FULLGAME.exe

With this command, your installer will download the file and then run it with Wine.
This is just a piece of command so don't quote me on that.