Purpose of symlink PlayOnLinux's virtual drives and .PlayOnLinux "side by side"both in home directory?

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playuh Vendredi 9 Février 2018 à 2:42

I read a lot of threads about symlink PlayOnLinux's virtual drives & the .PlayOnLinux, but none mentioned the purpose of having them almost back to back in ~/.  Is it for some "duplicate / back up" purpose, if files get corrupted?

Other than that, I'm unclear on the purpose of them both being in Home directory.

If there's a good reason that most could understand, maybe make it a sticky?  Lots ask (many forums), but I don't see answers why they're right together.  Thanks.

Tutul Vendredi 9 Février 2018 à 17:00

POL directory is hidden. So to make easier for some user, we add a link to the wineprefix. A link isn't a copy and take almost no space. It's just a shortcut

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