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Wouldn't accept new PW from PWSafe

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playuh Dimanche 18 Février 2018 à 3:43

1st, before logging in today (required PW reset), I used the general search for forum password restrictions.  No useful results.  I reset my PW & just changed a couple of characters - but the same length.  It seemed to take that.

The 1st PW was stored in a manager - doubt if it was typed incorrectly in the login page.

It continually gave errors: "password or user name do not match our records."  Are there certain standard (U.S.) keyboard special characters not allowed or other password restrictions for the forum login password?

If so, is there a sticky somewhere or tooltip on the registration page about PW requirements?  Thanks.


Quentin PÂRIS Dimanche 18 Février 2018 à 9:09
Quentin PÂRIS


AFAIK, there should not be any forbidden characters.

Are all the characters you are using available in UTF-8 charset?