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Cyndi_Hill_86 Mercredi 14 Mars 2018 à 0:20

I tried many times to install Origin via PLayonLinux and WIne with no luck... only crashes, even with the most recent verison of windows. It would be nice for either EA to make one for Linux like Value did or have Origin on PlayonLinux Package with Win 7 on wine.

booman Jeudi 15 Mars 2018 à 0:46

Origin is a difficult one.

I remember downloading a "legacy" version of Origin and setting my Wine Configuration to Windows XP

Then when launching it the first time during the install/update it will compain that Windows XP will no longer be supported.


Remember to check the "Remember Me" option when logging in.

Run the update and change Windows XP to Windows 7

Now you can use Origin and it will auto-login.  You can trick Origin after that by re-setting Windows back to Windows XP and Origin will not care because you already have the proper version installed.

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