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Naya4944 Jeudi 10 Mai 2018 à 10:44


Sorry for my poor english, I try to explain my problem

I play "The Frozen Throne" on Linux (Ubuntu 14-04) with wine but the last patch of the game does not work

When I connect to "" a patch is dowloaded and then I am asked to re-start the game but  when I click on the button nothing append.

I tried to install the game on Debian Stretch with "Play on Linux" and when I connect to "" the patch is downloaded and I am asked to re-start the game.

But when I click on the button a popup window appears saying "The game is still running"

Do you know that problem and is there a solution ?

Any advice woul be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

andrewplaygamer Vendredi 11 Mai 2018 à 19:00

After the patch, try closing the game and the PlayOnLinux as well. Then return and see if it works. 

Naya4944 Samedi 12 Mai 2018 à 10:52

Hi, it's always the same. He want install again the patch and make the same