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Serbongk Dimanche 21 Octobre 2018 à 2:19

So firstly i wanted to get LOTRO running, i am using Ubuntu current LTS, so my set was this

after downloading the installer, set up as non listed game 32 bit virtual drive 3.18 wine is installed and configured to windows 10... i was in game all last night.

now on a second machine i am running under 64bit Virtual drive with 3.18 wine and configured to windows 10.

My question is why is set to 32bit and a very old wine setting? i am currently patching WoW and the play button is light up i am waiting for the entire patch to complete before i launch the game.. if or when the game launches i will post results.

Next i will be trying SWTOR.... am i the only one not having issues? or can anyone else confirm this is working with the same type of build??


Update: Current issue with wow i am having launching is it wants to open a second window in Ubuntu, instead of a tab. does anyone have a fix for this? i am still new to Linux so some shortcuts i am not fully aware of yet.

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Tutul Lundi 22 Octobre 2018 à 18:36

Because nobody update it or update proposed weren't enough tested. Feel free to participate to update script you can test.


I'm not sure to understand your current issue

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