PlayOnLinux windows/dialogs display incorrectly on Elementary OS Juno

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rwoolf Lundi 22 Octobre 2018 à 19:44

I installed POL 4.2.12 on Elementary OS 5 Juno.  Each window/dialog of POL displays twice with one window inside the other.  When I bring up the install dialog.  The inner window for that window does not display all the controls on the window.  I am specifically trying to get to the "Install a non-listed program" link but because it is not visible I am unable to get to it.  Does anyone know how to get the windows/dialogs displaying correctly?  Or any other suggestions on how to install a non-listed program without having access to the link?  If I could just maximize the dialog I am sure I could see all the controls.  Any help appreciated.

Neorion Dimanche 28 Octobre 2018 à 20:53

I have the same problem, did try many tutorials on YouTube but can't do it.

ainumortis Mercredi 14 Novembre 2018 à 0:43

The Same Issue with Ubuntu 18.04.1 With Gnome-Shell default.

Tutul Mercredi 14 Novembre 2018 à 10:48

The problem is probably linked to the graphic library used with python. That's fixed in v5 (in development) but I don't know if any dev can fix it in v4 for now. We can't test on all user's distributions

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ainumortis Lundi 19 Novembre 2018 à 1:42

Wich graphic Lib exactly is, to Try to upgrade it in Ubuntu 18.04

Quentin PÂRIS Lundi 19 Novembre 2018 à 10:33
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous

This will be fixed soon

ariaxu Mercredi 28 Novembre 2018 à 2:38

Same problem on a fresh installation of Fedora 29. Is there a workaround?

Johanne Steinway Dimanche 30 Décembre 2018 à 19:20
Johanne SteinwayAnonymous

I have the same problem on Elementary OS Juno 5.0. I have just registered here to post this message that this is an ongoing issue. Hope it gets solved. Thanks.

Quentin PÂRIS Dimanche 30 Décembre 2018 à 20:58
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous

Should be fixed with POL 4.3.4

rbelo Jeudi 17 Janvier 2019 à 23:28

POL 4.3.4 did not fixed this issue, Quentin. On January the 17th, the problem still persisted in Elementary OS Juno 5.0.

Quentin PÂRIS Vendredi 18 Janvier 2019 à 9:48
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous

Does it concern all windows?

rbelo Vendredi 25 Janvier 2019 à 1:56

Yes, it does.

Is there any way to attach a pic or a pdf to a reply so as to better illustrate what is happening (sorry, noob here)?

Quentin PÂRIS Vendredi 25 Janvier 2019 à 20:27
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous

No sorry... Can you try to host same on an image sharing platform? Otherwise, you can send them by email

rbelo Lundi 4 Mars 2019 à 23:14

Sorry for the delay. Just emailed you some pics.