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burtb10 Vendredi 30 Novembre 2018 à 15:39

I have some music related software that is Windoze only but with Win10 and friends being a pain in the tail and with the problems with the Win10 installation on our main practice / recording machine I finally nuked Windoze and installed Linux there.  Been using Linux for years on other machines so no big deal.

Anyway I decided to use POL to make the installation a bit easier and for a test installed the program we use most of the time from the installer.  That does indeed work great under Wine and POL in spite of a couple of warnings during the installation.

But this program checks on startup for the presence of some other directories from the 2nd main program that is typically installed, and it is expected that these directories will always be on the same drive in a typical installation, but that can be changed.

So my quandry is:

Do I try to install the second program in the same virtual drive under POL?  Since this second program is from the same company and is typically installed at the same time I don't think that there will be any issues with breaking the currently installed software.


Could I install the second program in its own virtual drive, and then would there be a mechanism to map the appropraite directories from the new virtual drive so that the first program will be able to see them?

Has anyone done something similar (the cross mapping of directories that is)?




Tutul Vendredi 30 Novembre 2018 à 16:30

You can install multiple program in the same wineprefix. Using different wineprefix is a way to provides a better wine version for specific program, specific patch and program isolation. But you're free to install in the same. As long as they work both well with the same wineversion and/or configuration

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