[Tip] How to Install Diablo HD w/ Multiplayer

video tutorial - may help Fallout 2 players also

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starseed-pl Vendredi 30 Novembre 2018 à 20:52

I am not sure if this is posted in the right spot but since the 'testing' area seems to be for people who can write scripts and make install buttons and I don't know how to do that, I'm posting it here.


This video tutorial I made will show you how I get Diablo 1 running with the latest retail patch and a dll file to fix the black screen bug. I also show you how to resolve all the menu glitches and install a mod to play the game in HD and with multiplayer capabilities.


This process (besides the wined3d.dll) may help Fallout 2 players resolve some issues they are having, since the first Diablo test I installed Fallout 2 with basically the same configuration, and then copied it's wine prefix to clone the drive and installed Diablo in that cloned drive.


The audio is slightly better than the last video I made. I have a terrible mic and don't know what Im doing when it comes to video recording or editing.  I am sorry I talk kinda slow too. I have severe anxiety and get really nervous while recording and mix up words because its up on youtube. I'll get better at this as time goes by I think. Here is the link: Enjoy!


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booman Jeudi 6 Décembre 2018 à 0:43

Very nice!

Thank you for the solutions

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Hygro Mardi 9 Avril 2019 à 21:55

Everything was working great following Starseed's video instructions until I spontaneously lost the ability to create new games. I'm talking after weeks of playing it. The last day it worked, I had joined a friend's mp game, quit, closed my macbook, opened it to the game still running, created a few single player games, quit, and next time I played I could not create new games.


A full reinstall of everything (deleted libaries, setup.bin, moved characters out of character spot, playonmac, diablo, tchernobog 0.1.0, and now even tchernobog 0.1.3) did not solve the problem. I can still join existing games.

In the debug view I get exactly one message trying to create a new game: 


00b5:fixme:msctf:ThreadMgrSource_AdviseSink (0x16e3f8) Unhandled Sink: {ea1ea136-19df-11d7-a6d2-00065b84435c}


Does that tell us what to do?




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